Texas Runner

 Blouse by  Toga , Bolo tie by  Asos , Sunnies by  RayBan , Trousers by  H&M , Shoes by  Cheap Monday

Blouse by Toga, Bolo tie by Asos, Sunnies by RayBan, Trousers by H&M, Shoes by Cheap Monday

This is an ode to Toga. It's that time of the season when my wardrobe's just about to bore me, so I'm looking for odd/quirky pieces to give it a breath of fresh air. While scrolling through Net-a-Porter I came across a Japanese indie brand called Toga and instantly fell in love. They have swayed me into wearing sportswear, or the closest item I could manage to wear anyway. You see, sportswear as a 'fashion trend' has been somewhat of a pet peeve to me and so far I haven't managed to include one single such item in my closet (unless you're counting my low top white converse sneakers). That being said, Toga's awesome twist on a nylon sports-shirt by adding a western cut tweed bib, just gave it that desirable twist. So there you have it, that's me being sporty, if you insist. 

Claire x