WWW… What to Wear to Work – S by C & N #2

Happy first of the month errbuddeh! Also, happy Christmas-present panic to you. Speaking of which, I feel that today's post hits two birds with one stone: the standard workwear theme assigned to us by Mexx (although we'll admit to being slightly liberal with the theme – more on that later) as well as what to buy/wear for Christmas. Even Santa couldn't be this thoughtful.

While thick roll neck jumpers are not conventional workwear attire, I think Claire and Nic did a great job of balancing my personal taste with my actual working needs (I work from home, FYI). I have the luxury of not dealing with morning traffic jams and early wake-up calls, but it does get cold inside, and I do need to run errands every once in a while, which means dealing with the outside world. Cue hand shielding bleary eyes in Gollum-style heliophobia.

But enough talk on my part. Partners-in-crime Claire and Nic had this to say about the look they chose for me:

"We chose Sandro's outfit keeping in mind that the colder months are approaching and when at work there's no need to compromise on style when putting together a warmer outfit. Grey is a flattering colour and many people shy away from colour blocking but finding different shades of the same colour is a sure way of making your outfit more interesting!"

Sweater and trousers by Mexx

Stay cute, y'all!

Sandro x