WWW… What to Wear to Work – Formalising Denim

Coat by Mexx, sweater by Acne Studios and patchwork jeans by H&M.

We've all had that one day where you just couldn't be arsed. Not in the slightest. The kind of day that would allow, if not in practice then at least in consideration, wearing your pyjamas in public. And we know that denim is the PJ of socially-acceptable wardrobes.

In my line of work (freelancing), sleepwear is pretty much du jourdu rigeur and du anything else you could think of (with the possible exception of Dujardin). But even a lazy bum moonlighting as a free agent like myself retains enough dignity not to roll out of the house in anything equipped with elastic waistbands and printed sheep. Don't look at me like that. Mine are covered in stags.

So what to do if caught in a situation where time is so of the essence that whatever is laying around your bedroom surface has to serve a higher purpose than the one intended? Invest in a great coat, that's what, and anything ensconced underneath – including your favourite pair of trendy mum jeans or equivalent – is rendered instantly forgiveable in the eyes of the fashion gods.

Do leave the bunny slippers behind you, though. Woodland creatures should be kept to a strict minimum.

Sandro x