The Girls Style The Boy

In collaboration with IQ
Bomber jacket, paisley shirt and chinos by Scotch & Soda

I am admittedly not that comfortable with relinquishing control over personal matters. I am especially anal-retentive when it comes to getting dressed: I do not take criticism well, I do not welcome external opinions with open arms and receiving presents encompasses almost always a mixture of excitement and dread.

I know I am difficult and inconsistent. God knows I haven't looked the same on this blog even since we launched two years ago. Right now I'm famously into my monochrome, where black clothes prevail and light comes to die. So entrusting Claire and Nic with dressing me up was an exercise in letting go. It was, to all intents and purposes, the fashion equivalent of trust falls.

Burgundy – check. Paisley – check. Dark trousers – check. I had absolutely nothing to worry about, and we hope you at home are just as thrilled with the combination as I was. You may want to prepare your significant other for some personal styling of their own. Claire and Nicole are available at the start of the new year ;)

Sandro x