In Topshop/Topman We Trust

topshop topman clouded revolution

You have no idea just how excited we were when Topshop and Topman approached us to collaborate with them on a series of posts we'll be rolling out in the next few months. We mean it – one of our favourite stores wanted US to swathe ourselves in their amazing wares. We'd have been stupid to say no. Their brand fits ours perfectly: edgy, cool, young and style-driven.

This week we were asked to provide our take on back-to-school outfits. Although it's been a while since we last stomped around the University campus, we feel like we've never grown out of that scene, at least from a sartorial point of view. Of course the element of practicality has to be factored in, which is where our present-day maturity (*cough*) comes into play.

When deciding on our location, we came up with the idea of shooting inside New York Best – one of our go-to eateries in Malta. Granted, we shot these photos in Sliema, but we were at the Msida branch in spirit, tying in with the whole scholastic theme and such. So thank you, NYB – the fries were great and the milkshakes worthy of Kelis's praise (although we must complain about the absence of boys in our yard).

All clothes and shoes by Topshop and Topman.


See you next week for Instalment Numero Dos!