Topman, Top Notch

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I remember the very day Topman opened in Malta. I also remember my outfit which, in hindsight, was a nightmare (#wasntalwaysthiscool). I'm not going to describe it because I'd like to retain some style credibility while I still can.

Anyways, back to the story. I queued up outside the store with my brother, broke as f*ck but excited nonetheless. I'm surprised at how much detail I can recall from the opening: the colourblocked wedges on the models, the first purchase ever made at Topman and who made it (yellow checked shirt and blue shorts, in case you're wondering), seeing my brother handing over his bank card and seething internally with jealousy. Maroon polo shirt, by the way. I am the Mike Ross of clothing.

Fast forward to the present day. Here I am, trying to make the clothes justice. In keeping with the whole back-to-school theme we're running this month in collaboration with Topman and sister brand Topshop, I went for a mix of practical – by way of this heavenly fur-lined jacket – and eye-catching, ergo the paisley T-shirt. Down south, black skinny jeans (no surprises there) and the shoe of the season: the Chelsea boot. Consider them both your bestest friends and your go-to staples this semester. I opted for a brown pair to tie in with the T-shirt. Fake septum rings and mirrored sunglasses optional, but highly recommended.

So here's to fetus Sandro, who discovered Topman online and since then, dreamt long and hard of its arrival to Malta. Look at where we are now! Also, go home and change. Jesus…

Jacket, T-shirt, jeans and boots by Topman.

Sandro x