An Interview with Luca Gastaldi

We had the privilege of sitting down for a chat with the Brooks Brothers CEO, Luca Gastaldi, before their launch event last October. Having been greeted by the heartwarming staff upon entering the shop, we were soon ushered off to the mezzanine to meet Luca; a well-dressed (not surprising!) and charming man who showed great pride and love for the brand.

While admiring the beauty of the store, the Maltese stone beams and the classic mahogany shelving, we got talking about all things Malta, and how a brand like Brooks Brothers really fits into our little nation. Valletta brings together people from all sorts of backgrounds, but if we had to narrow it down to two categories, then the tourist and the business people could really sum it up. A brand like Brooks Brothers aims at marrying a classic, smart look to a casual cool; bringing together the people roaming around our capital on a daily basis. 

Known for its iconic button-down shirt, Brooks Brothers really is a  brand that exquisitely blends elegance with comfort. The silhouettes are always classic; the pieces you buy here will last through the seasons, guaranteed. That is not to say that Brooks Brothers aren't current; the checkered prints and the burgundy hues are proof that the brand is all about being relevant; just done in a timeless manner. When asked about his first Brooks Brothers purchase, Luca happily recalls his first pale blue shirt, definitely a wardrobe staple. As much of a staple as the striped tie Luca wears that day. A tie which recalls the iconic British regimental tie, playfully reversing the inclination of the stripes, another Brooks Brothers iconic piece. 

As we moved on to discuss our current favourite pieces in the shop, Luca Gastaldi stressed the importance of making the customer feel at home. The brand even has a concierge in some of its larger stores around the world! Concierge or not, the smaller-scale shop in Valletta definitely retains the warmth Luca talks of, with beautiful pieces filling every corner. We're already looking forward to our next visit!

Here's to casual elegance, forever (and a day),