The Long & Short of It

This post is dedicated to all those of you who have ever braved a short haircut and then decided to start the ceremonious process of growing it out again.

One of my characteristics is that I'm addicted to change. I love it, embrace it and crave it. Since I can remember, my hair has always been an easy go-to for change. Whether it's a simple new hairstyle, braids, high bun, quick cut, drastic cut or colour change. I first decided to go for a drastic change when I was 18 and felt like I needed something new in the hair department. I cut my hair similar to then it-girl Agyness Deyn. I still remember every single snip my (very eager) hairdresser carried out and the excitement as I held the magazine cut out.

Needless to say, I was thrilled with the result.

Fast forward a few (read: many) years and I find myself bored of my current style. Contrary to popular belief, unless you've got fine, straight, co-operative hair, a pixie cut is not an easy one to manage. Without the help of hair products and trusty straighteners, I would most definitely resemble Mufasa rather than a semi-decent human being.

With current emerging trends, such as the long bob, I've decided to brave the process of letting my hair grow, motivated by the countless possible braids, beach waves and bedhead looks seen on the runway. Below are a few images and haircuts inspiring my current venture and serving as a (hopeful) desired end result.