In the last two years, we – Claire, Nicole and Sandro, collectively known as The Clouded Revolution (don’t ask) – have managed to grow from budding bloggers with a styling gig at a university student magazine to fully-fledged stylist-blogger fiends with two Malta Fashion Award nominations under our belts. With a philosophy that includes translating fashion to the sartorial passer-by, putting the ‘fun’ in fundamental, and a shared vision akin to a beehive brain, we aim to bring an inspired and unique take on covering your skin for the sake of social decency.

Counting companies like AldoBay Street Shopping ComplexDebenhams, Topshop/Topman and local publications Sunday Circle and First amongst our past and present collaborations, we believe in an honest, approachable but aspirational perspective into the world of fashion and style. Best of all, we get to do this with each other, as not only colleagues but most of all, best friends – sharing laughs, trials and tribulations but most importantly, triumphs and successes. This is only, as they say, the tip of the iceberg.

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Fashion has always been a big part of my life. Being a twin I always felt that the way I dressed could really help me stand out as an individual. Fashion is fun, planning my outfit always makes my morning that much brighter. I have just graduated in Architecture and am working in Interior Design and loving it. My life revolves around fashion and design and hopefully this blog will give you a taste of what that's like.

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They say that "what you see is what you get". Although I don't think the maxim's entirely true, I do feel that part of it applies during everyday life. Now that I've become part of the working world, I believe that it has become truer than ever. Presentation is key! Marrying fashion and marketing, which is my line of work, is a challenge I welcome with open arms. Finding two other people who share my same love of fashion while trying to balance out other ambitions has been both a consolation and one of the many foundations on which our wonderful friendship is built! Have a great read!

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I haven't always been a lover of fashion. Shopping for clothes with my mother used to be a nightmare, back when I'd rather have been screwing my eyesight in front of the computer. I realised what a great influence clothes had on most people when one of my best friends started attracting a lot of sartorial attention when we were sixteen. Bit by bit, my interest grew and, bar a few mishaps, here I am, part of a blogging threesome. I hope you'll find plenty of inspiration and have a good time reading about our escapades!