As Summer fades and those idyllic summer months come to an end, we begin to rear our heads again! As we do every year during the summer months we tend to go MIA but it's only because we are recharging our batteries (solar energy of course!) and gearing up for the amazing seasons ahead!

Before I set off on my new adventure, I spent an amazing few weeks taking advantage of my new found freedom, exploring the beautiful island of Malta and its beaches, celebrating my birthday and enjoying the company of my friends and family! I apologise if the post is a bit photo-heavy but I've got a lot of catching up to do! 


Over & out,

The Not-So-Cold Shoulder


A quick blog post to show you all this gem I picked up from Zara during my one and only visit (promise!!) to the store during their summer sale!
As summer slowly unfolds and the temperature rises I'm constantly looking for ways to keep cool (other than sipping my go-to drink - iced coffee!) and the return of the off-shoulder is a perfect way to do that this season!

Top, Shorts by Zara
Shoes by Asos
Watch by Skagen
Shades by Illesteva